Website SEO Audit Services


Conducting an audit for your website is very similar to real estate in the instance that you’re trying to sell a house. Prior to making the decision to put a house on the market, it is common practice to conduct due diligence before setting your price. Likewise, by performing a website SEO audit we can identify all that is good with your web property as well as the opportunities for improvement. Similar to checking your neighbourhood or street for current pricing, we can assess how your website stacks up against the relevant competition. By understanding what the top websites in your niche are ranking for we can identify both the keywords you should be targeting as well as the volume of traffic they attract. We are also able to determine where there may be room for improvement with your on page SEO.

Keyword Research Services

Conducting keyword research is not only beneficial for preparing your on page optimization strategies, but also helps determine what other relevant keyword phrases we can target for additional website content, new sales opportunities and/or services. Knowing this information is like finding out what matters most to potential home buyers in the real estate example. The goal is to have a clear understanding of how to position yourself to maximize conversion and sales by out ranking your competition. Combining the audit and keyword research services we will identify the difficulty associated with ranking for each phrase. Although there are many factors to consider, it gives us a better idea of how much effort will be required to reach your goals.