Generate More Leads For Your Business


For every business, in every city, for every niche there is one thing that keeps the doors open. Everyone knows that thing is sales. A business must generate revenue to make a profit. However, when you dig a little deeper beyond the obvious importance of sales, you find leads. Generating leads provides the opportunity to make sales, and this is where we specialize. Yes, you need an effective website, but you also must drive traffic to that website and convert that traffic to qualified leads that you can engage to make the sale. All of our services are designed as the foundations to accomplish lead generation. You may already have a website and are implementing other marketing strategies, but where there is opportunity for improvement we can assist you in driving leads to your business. We understand that you are operating on a budget to maintain your margins, so we encourage a results first business model when it comes to lead generation. Prices can be negotiated on a cost-per-lead or monthly flat fee, depending on your business location, the niche that you serve and the margins you are working with. Our goal is to put money in your pocket and develop a long term relationship for mutual benefit.

Manage Incoming Leads

When you first launch a small business its typical for a business owner to wear many hats. You’re the sales person, the accountant, human resources team, the service provider/operator, and client retention person all in one. However, as your business grows you will likely need to hire employees to handle various tasks so you can focus your energy on growing the business rather than maintaining it. With the added growth comes the need for tools to manage your sales staff as well as the customer relationship. This is an area we can help you with. By taking advantage of our tracking tools, you will be able to record incoming phone calls. We provide back end access so you can listen to how your sales personnel is handling the inbound leads, and determine their performance as well identify where they could use some additional training or improvements. Using this tracking phone system will also protect your business in the event of a disgruntled customer. If an issue was to arise you will be able to listen to the original promises made to the customer and what was discussed when they called your business. Having a recording could help your case if you were to end up in any future litigation. The benefits also go beyond simply protecting your business, as the system keeps a record of phone numbers that have called you whether you closed a sale or not. This gives you a list for future marketing campaigns or repeat business opportunities. With our tracking tool, you will also benefit from notifications for missed phone calls, which can be sent instantly via email so you never miss an opportunity to increase your sales. If you use a submission form on your website (which we highly recommend), we can also sync the phone system to your lead capturing forms so that any time a submission occurs, the phone system will automatically notify you and reverse-dial the submitted phone number from your form to immediately connect you with the lead before they move on to find services elsewhere. As you can see, this one tool can be a robust asset to your business. Contact Follow The Lead today, with any questions.