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Financing Available

Yes, we can help you get financing to pay for our services. Better yet, we can help you offer financing to your customers too.

Business Development

We make an effort to understand the nature of your business so we can grow alongside you and provide the best service possible.

Strategic Partnership

Our goal is to put money in your pocket. With our relationships and connections, lets explore opportunities for mutual benefit.

Why Choose Us?

Having an effective and functional website for your business is as important as the piece of real estate you operate out of. Everyone in the business community knows the importance of “location, location, location”! Positioning your place of business where it can best serve the market and customers has always been a crucial decision for operations. Likewise, your website is just as important for getting in front of your market as they interact online and look for services.  You may even say it’s more important, as the sales generated from web based traffic can pay the lease or financing on the building you run your business from. Thats where we step in to offer internet marketing services, website design, lead generation and SEO in Alberta. You are busy dealing with customers, employees, accounting, and day to day operations. Building and marketing your web property is time consuming, and requires a very specific set of skills. Engaging in our digital marketing  and consulting services will provide a professional online location for leads and customers to interact with you. Follow The Lead will not only design and build your website, but we have the team and expertise required to help you be visible and recognized by the search engines. In this day and age, it is not good enough to simply have a website. You must also provide enough relevant content and reasons to be placed at the top of your local search queries; meeting your market right where they are looking for you. We understand that every business and project has different needs, and are equipped to execute a tailer made strategy to suit your budget, and specific goals. 

Digital Marketing Services

Website SEO Audit & Keyword Research

It’s one thing to have a website, it’s another thing for that website to be visible to  your target market. Knowing where your strengths are within your webpages, and understanding how well the framework is set up is part of your website audit. We will happily take a look at your site, if you have one already, and identify your key strengths as well as your opportunities for improvement. Also, understanding those same key metrics for your competitors is an important piece of research. We help you identify the specifics through keyword analysis to find out what you should be targeting to reach your customers and which keyword phrases your competitors are ranking for. Once we identify what matters to your target market we will also perform the same audit on your competitors websites. This will give you a clear picture of where you stand in comparison to your competition, and what we can do to help you bypass them in the search engines.

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mobile responsive website on laptop and cell phone

Mobile Responsive Website Design for Alberta Small Businesses

Once we have identified what to focus on from our initial research, you can count on us to design and build a website for your small business (assuming you don’t have one already). We take all that information from the audit and keyword/competitor research, and use it to build a simple yet clean web property. We place “calls to action” strategically all over your site to give your target audience unimpeded ways to contact you for service. All of our website builds are responsive for desktop and mobile devices. We include your logo, or can have one designed on your behalf, for an additional fee. Whether you require a simple one page website, or a 10 page property and beyond, we are equipped to help you with any sized project.

On Page SEO

In this day and age, most of you already know what SEO (search engine optimization) is and consists of. This is a service that has grown since the internet boom and in some cases tends to be expensive. Here at Follow The Lead, we break up our SEO services to give you a chance to manage your budget and needs. Having said that, it all starts with on page SEO service efforts in preparation for the potentially time consuming road ahead to ranking your website. The time it will take to reach the top of the search engines will depend on the niche you are in as well as the strength of the competition and other factors. Regardless of the strategy moving forward, your localized optimization provides the foundation from which to launch your off-page campaign.
on page seo

Off Page SEO

Once we have handled your local website optimization, it will be time to plan your off-page SEO strategy. Now that your foundation is in place, we can continue to build on it to give google and other search engines a reason to present your website in front of potential customers. Although we can assist you to run paid advertisements, our primary skill set is to help you achieve organic results. Organically ranking for targeted keywords can be much more cost effective for your business, especially in the long term. We can show you the data to support this using the keyword research provided from the start of your project. Choosing us to execute your off page SEO strategy will also be more cost effective than hiring an employee.

Lead Generation

Why do businesses have a marketing budget? The answer is… Leads. Without potential customers there can be no transaction. Every successful business engages qualified leads. This is our area of expertise when helping small businesses to grow. Using the skills and strategies that we offer, we funnel organic leads directly to you. Included with this service are quality control methods, and verifiable tracking of your incoming leads. You will be provided with access to tools that will protect your business and its relationship with customers, as well as provide opportunities for improving the effectiveness of your sales team. Contact us to find out how we can help you manage your marketing budget and receive the benefits of our lead generation services.

Basic Website Development

Although your business may have a need for our individual services, we also understand that a package deal can sometimes simplify the process. You know what to expect and what it will cost, with everyone on the same page. It allows you to focus on your business, execute sales, and perform services. With our basic package we provide a simple yet effective website and hand it to you in full form and function. The only thing you have to worry about is how large of a website you want us to develop for you, and how to proceed with your off-page game plan. We handle all the little details once our scope of work is determined. The basic package includes 1 full year of website hosting and maintenance.

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Premium Extended Campaign

Step it up to the next level and get started on ranking your website now! Our premium extended campaign is the preferred way to invest in the growth of your business online. Everything that is included in the basic development package is the platform from which the premium campaign launches. You receive all the benefits of the basic package, but with the added impact and influence of our off-page search engine optimization efforts and ranking strategy. This option is not for the timid. It is the premiere selection for you to be able to get a running start for securing your spot at the top of the search engines. We focus on getting you powerful votes for your website, and positioning your website with a strong and healthy foundation.